Bilingual Training/Media Programs

Does your company need to communicate internally or externally? Let us provide you with an exclusive Needs Assessment and Report designed specifically for your company. We work together with your HH.RR, Media, and PR departments to ensure a program tailored to your needs.

We provide language tutoring and program design. Webco Industries, Tulsa Police Department, LMI Finishing and St. Francis Hospital are among some of our customers.

Sebastian Lantos LLC also handles the design, development and implementation of recruiting, training and language tutoring programs for non-english speaking employees. Our clients include WorldCom, Case & Associates, WillBros Engineering, Purolator, Bristol Resources and Regal Motors among others.

We also provide voice dubbing talent for advertising, training and corporate videos and tapes, including those for Hitachi, Amoco, and Fleming Foods.

Media assistance and translation of concepts and messages to fit the target culture is our common goal.

Any Time! Any Place!